Sunday 17 December 2017

Afraid of self-tanning? Don't be! Several tans on the market are aces

self tan

HE-SHI 1 Hour Rapid Tan

€27.23 HHHII

It'll give you a tan in one hour, and as the liquid is dark, you'll be able to manage a streak-free application, but I just wasn't wowed by this. He-Shi is my hero tan-brand, too, so I am bummed. I'll stick with their mousse.

No7 Perfectly Bronzed Quick Dry Tinted Mousse

€18.95 HHIII

As mousses go this is only okay. The guide colour is terrific, it does dry quickly, but I felt the coverage wasn't great. I had to use quite a lot to get a good, even tone, and then when the colour came up, I wished I'd gone over it one more time.

KARORA Instant Tan Glow Glamster

€17.99, HHHII

This works best if you've got some natural colour as a base; if you're trying this on un-sunkissed skin, you won't get much joy. This dries quickly, and the best part is that it's got a lovely sparkle.

TANORGANIC Certified Organic Tan

€24.99 HHHII

This one requires some thought, as you have to rinse it off in six to eight hours to get the desired tone. I found the glass bottle fiddly to deal with when I've got one hand in a tanning mitt, although I expect the glass keeps the certified organic contents in good nick. I felt a tiny bit orange having left it on for the maximum time.

LANCOME Flash Bronzer Self-Tanning Mousse


This is a reserved bronze, one that doesn't looked like much upon application, but 
mellows into something really lovely and flattering. I did overdo it a tiny bit on first use, and felt like I wasted it somewhat, because it is so laid back. Don't 
worry, it will work out well in the end!

ST TROPEZ Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

€35.99 HHHHI

This puts the bronze in bronzing, in that it came out with a shiny metallic tinge, and went on with it as well. I was a little freaked out, especially as this is pretty pricey. Not to worry: it dries in a snap - the fastest in this gathering of tans - and it warms up really beautifully. You won't look like C3PO, trust me.

The key? Using a tanning mitt. You think that Kate Moss does her self-tan with her bare hands? Uh, no. Be streak free, and enjoy trying what I've tried.

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