Friday 19 July 2019

A guide to orthotics...

1Orthotics may be for you, they can correct specific foot imbalances and also bring the joints back into proper alignment which reduces the strain on the muscles.

2Your physio will recommend which type might be suitable for your lifestyle needs taking into account: sporting life, day-to-day needs and a variety of models for different types of shoes. Comfort is the key factor.

3Expensive is not always the best. Over-the-counter insoles can work really well.

4You may need a slight variation of insoles depending on the shape of shoe you are wearing.

5Only use orthotics for a maximum of one hour on the first day, the second day two hours, the third day three hours and so on.

6 Your foot test to see if orthotics could be an option: Are your feet sore all the time?; Do you spend long periods of time on hard surfaces?; Do you play sport regularly?; Are your joints, knees and back always a bit tender?

7As we get older, our gait can change causing to tilt the pelvis forward and can cause lower back pain.

8Orthotics can be useful for a variety of biomechanical uses, such as knee, hip, back and general foot pain.

9Your expert will give you a gait analysis on a computerised foot platform that can diagnose where your foot is hitting the ground in the wrong place causing the problem.

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