Thursday 14 December 2017

79pc of parents fear teen will crash because of distractions

THE biggest worry parents have when letting their teenagers behind the wheel is that they'll be distracted.

More than half of Irish mothers and fathers trust their teens to drive their car – but that doesn't stop them worrying.

A new report, released by Aviva Car Insurance, also showed that three in five parents are happy to have their teenager named on their insurance policy.

And while 53pc trust their child, 79pc continue to be worried that their teenager will have an accident as a result of distractions while driving.

This could prove a barrier to a teenager learning to drive, according to Aviva.

Over two-thirds of parents think that other passengers will distract the teenage driver, while 63pc think phones and 47pc think loud music could be distracting factors.

Speeding is also a worry; with 62pc thinking excessive speed could lead to an accident.

Another barrier to teenagers learning to drive is the cost.

According to parents, 90pc of teenagers can't afford insurance, 66pc a car and 64pc driving lessons, and therefore require financial support to obtain a full driver's licence.

According to Cathy Summers of Aviva Insurance, parents are vital in helping teenagers to drive and encouraged them to get involved.

"Almost all parents believe they play an important role in helping their teens learn how to drive and build confidence behind the wheel," she said.

"Enlisting the help of an affordable professional instructor to teach your teenager safe driving skills is a worthwhile investment and makes the perfect gift for any Leaving Cert student," she added.


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