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Hot, sticky 'Amazon' weather ahead

AMAZONIAN rainforest weather is now being predicted for Ireland over the next few weeks.

Long gone are hopes of scorching temperatures and long hot summer days.

Torrential downpours, and muggy and overcast conditions are now predicted for the rest of July.

Although temperatures will reach as much as 22C throughout the week, the sun will barely make an appearance.

And barbecues are definitely off the menu, because we're going to be battered by yet more rain.

The soggy summer is here to stay -- and there's little hope of a break in the clouds.

Met Eireann forecaster Klara Finkele told the Herald that the weather will be "unsettled" at best over the next few days.

"I wouldn't say it will be a washout, but there is unsettled weather ahead.

"It will be mainly dry until Wednesday but there will then be showers right through the weekend," she said.


"It will also be particularly windy come Saturday, and there will be heavy rain on Sunday."

And there's further bad news for hayfever sufferers, with pollen records set to be high throughout the week.

Weather forecasters had promised us a heatwave similar to a record hot summer 30 years ago. But hopes of high temperatures have all but evaporated for the rest of July. Temperatures were below normal at 10 of the country's 12 main weather stations last month. The average temperature recorded at Met Eireann's station in Mullingar, Westmeath was 11.6C --the lowest since 1972.

A temperature of 25.5C -- experienced on June 3 -- is the peak of the warm weather.

There's a mixed bag for the week ahead with some dry weather predicted until Friday before a weekend of wet and windy weather.

Tomorrow is the best day of the week, forecasters have predicted -- with dry, bright and sunny spells interspersed with showers.