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10 things to do in Dublin this weekend…


George Byrne

George Byrne

George Byrne

It’s the last weekend in June, and things are starting to look up in the weather department. Well, just about. Fancy an evening out with one of Ireland’s biggest bands? Care to take a trip down memory lane and revisit one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time? Heck, we’ve even got a night of ABBA tunes to look forward to. Stick with us, and we’ll steer your weekend in the right direction…

Honouring a Legend

Celebrating George at Whelan’s

Irish journalism lost a giant - and the Herald lost its finest arts critic – when the great George Byrne passed away earlier this year. Tomorrow night, friends, family and musicians will gather at Whelan’s for a special memorial concert honouring the man and his work. The always reliable Something Happens top the bill, with support from Pugwash, Paul Cleary of the Blades, Trouble Pilgrims and a number of special guests. Ticket proceeds go to a local Liberties charity. Some proper tunes promised, then - the man himself would have loved that…

Friday at 8pm. Tickets: €20. For more, visit www.whelanslive.com.

The Irish Music Session

Ireland Rises at the Tivoli

The 1916 centenary celebrations begin here, apparently. Set in a public house on Sackville Street during the Rising, Ireland Rises sees a number of “patrons and staff caught in the crossfire, condensing the six days of The Rising into one night. Scared and trapped, each character finds refuge by telling their individual stories through music, song and dance, communicating how Dubliners laughed and cried, struggling through the horrific events of those days.” And that’s pretty much the gist of things right there.

According to writer, producer, director and star Billy Kilkenny (a jack of all trades, obviously), the aim here “is to show those from home and abroad what an important part of our history the Easter Rising was and will always be to our nation”. Indeed. There are a few new songs in there too, including one entitled ‘Kilmainham Lullaby’…

Running until August 31st. Tickets from €24.50 available at www.tivoli.ie.

The Night Out

The Seven Year Itch & the Fabulous 50s Cheeky Tiki Party at the Sugar Club

We’ve got the generous folks over at Film Fatale to thank for this one. Basically, it’s a double whammy of sorts - you don’t have to attend both film and party, but sure why not make a night of it? First up, we’ve got ‘golden era’ comedy, The Seven Year Itch, on the big screen. That’s an hour and a half of Marilyn Monroe right there. The Fabulous 50s Cheeky Tiki Party follows, offering film-goers the chance to get their vintage (swing) dance on to the sounds of The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers DJ sets. They’ve also got a Tiki Garden, an outdoor Tiki bar, and Hula dancers. Conga lines, Hawaiian shirts and all manners of Monroe-inspired get-ups are encouraged.

Saturday at 8pm / 11pm. Tickets: €8 / €16 / €17. For more, visit www.thesugarclub.com.

The Album Launch

The North Sea at the Grand Social

New band alert! Actually, these boys have been on our radar for a while now. Dubliners The North Sea (think Editors, with more of a spring in their step) release their debut album, Anniversary, tomorrow and vocalist Eoin Kenny and chums have decided to stage an album release party on Lower Liffey Street to celebrate. Seriously, there’s a bit of a buzz about this lot. The fabulously-monikered Red Queen Contest provide support...

Friday. Tickets: €10. For more, visit www.thegrandsocial.ie.

The Big Concerts

Summer Nights in the Grounds of RHK

So, this year’s run of gigs in the picturesque surroundings of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham come to an end this weekend, and whaddaya know? We’re signing off with a bang. First up, Kodaline on Friday. Sold-Out Kodaline on Friday, that is. Yes, it seems tickets to see young Steve Garrigan and his mates from Swords do their stadium pop-rock thing under the summer sun have all but disappeared, but sure look it, there’s always hope that someone, somewhere might not be able to make it. Keep your ear close to the ground – and your eye on Twitter - Kodaline fans.

On Saturday, the great José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao, aka, Manu Chao makes his first Irish appearance in what feels like forever. Who is Manu Chao, we hear you ask? Why, he’s a multi-lingual, French / Spanish musician with a remarkable, genre-hopping catalogue brimming with smooth and effective, Worldbeat tunes under his belt. Lord knows how many players will accompany this dude on stage (things can get a little unpredictable with the Chao man), but methinks this will be a suitably chilled affair, with some tasty summer grooves, to boot. For the uninitiated, Google ‘Manu Chao and Bongo Bong’. Yeah, that’ll do it. Celtic punk rockers Blood or Whiskey are on support duty…

Friday (Kodaline) and Saturday (Manu Chao). Tickets for the latter priced €27.90 available at www.ticketmaster.ie.

The Film

The Terminator, The Light House Cinema, Smithfield

No, not the new one (Genisys is due for release next week), but instead, the original, James Cameron-directed instalment and, arguably, one of the greatest robot-war flicks ever made. Basically, it’s 1984 and Arnold Schwarzenegger (an evil cyborg) is sent back in time to murder Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor), whose unborn son turns out to be mankind’s future saviour in the war against machines (keep up down the back). Luckily, the humans also send back a soldier named Kyle to protect Sarah. As it turns out – and here’s an absolute head-melter – Kyle is actually the kid’s.…whoa, almost spoilt things there.

Five instalments in, and with Cameron having long since jumped ship, the series has, unfortunately, lost its way in recent years, but even on a basic storytelling level, the original Terminator stands tall as one of the coolest sci-fi achievements in cinematic history. Remember when action movies were made for adults? Yeah, we miss that. Best of luck with the time travel stuff.

Showing at the Light House Cinema until July 2nd. For screening times, visit www.lighthousecinema.ie.

The Musical

Mamma Mia! at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre

Right, so we all know what the deal is here, yes? It’s the “smash hit musical based on the songs of ABBA” and, for the next week and a half, it’s setting up shop in Dublin. Yep, it’s Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus’s super dooper pop gems all mixed up so as to tie in with some crazy little love story set on a Greek island. Here’s an interesting fact about Mamma Mia: More than 54 million people have experienced this musical in the flesh. I honestly don’t even know what to do with that fact. Sara Poyzer, Shobna Gulati, Sue Devaney and Niamh Perry co-star. Enjoy.

Running until July 4th. Tickets from €25 available at www.bordgaisenergytheatre.ie.

The Festival

Dublin LGBTQ Pride Village at Merrion Square

Dublin Pride 2015 wraps up this weekend and, as usual, there’s a huge parade happening this Saturday in town. So, why not head over to the Pride Village before / during / afterwards? “Sparkle Costumes will be on hand to help get you dressed up and show the world how fabulous you are.” That’s an official line from the press release, and we love it. Pride Village also features big screens, food and refreshment areas, a family and community zone and a main stage on which the likes of Panti, Jerry Fish and Le Galaxie will be getting their performance on.

Saturday 12pm – 6pm. For more, visit www.dublinpride.ie.

The Restaurant

Red Torch Ginger, St Andrew’s Street

Listen, we swung by here a couple of weeks back and believe us when we tell you that the food is nothing short of amazing. A cracking Thai restaurant, rebranded in recent years and “named after the beautiful Red Torch Ginger lily that grows across Thailand and South East Asia” (you learn something new every day), RTG’s dinner menu (curry, noodle and stir-fry dishes included) really is something else. Might we suggest the Ginger Manhattan or Coriander Chilli Margarita for afterwards? Now that’ll put a kick in your weekend, for sure.

For more, visit www.redtorchginger.ie.

The Market

Smithfield Market Fair

It’s the Smithfield Market Fair’s first birthday this weekend at the Generator Dublin, so you know what to do, right? Join in on the fun, of course. With more than 40 stalls (we’re talking clothing, jewellery and vinyl here), free yoga, a spot of brunch and an underground cinema involved, as well as various cafe, bar and late night restaurant treats, the folks behind this fantastic market space have got your Sunday sorted.

Sunday, 12pm-11pm. For more, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1853950644829597/.