Wednesday 24 January 2018

10 Things to Do in Dublin This Weekend…

Fallon & Byrne Food Hall in Dublin.
Fallon & Byrne Food Hall in Dublin.

Tomorrow is International Day of Happiness. No, really. A good excuse, then, if it were needed, to get on up and make the most of the weekend…even if a few of us are still a little, um, delicate after Paddy’s Day. Follow our weekly event guide, and you should be on your way to finally curing that hangover. And don’t worry – we’ll go easy on you. We would never suggest that you overdo it again or anything...

The Show

Stand Up 4 Love, Vicar Street

Okay, so it’s still only Thursday, but sure look it, this is an important gig. It sounds like an absolute blast, too, the folks over at the DIT Societies Office and DIT LGBT Society having rounded up a fine ensemble of Irish musicians, comedians and personalities to show their support for marriage equality and to promote that all-important ‘yes’ vote in May. Hudson Taylor, Panti Bliss and Ham Sandwich are just some of the acts on the bill. There’s also ‘The Big Gay Couch’ celebrity discussion panel, and we’re told that a very, very popular Irish comedian will be hosting. Tis a secret, though…

Tonight. Doors: 7.30pm Tickets: €10 (students), €15 (general admission) available at www.eventbrite.com.

The Film

The Voices (General Release, 16)

Poor Ryan Reynolds. Dude needs a new agent. True, we’re rather fond of those promo clips going around for director Marjane Satrapi’s bizarre black comedy, The Voices, but let’s face it - Reynolds hasn’t had a decent hit in years. And this isn’t the kind of film that’s going to have people flocking to their local multiplex. Why? Because it’s about a troubled guy named Jerry (Reynolds) who stops taking his medication and, as a result, follows his cat’s orders to become a serial killer. Jerry should have listened to the dog instead. That’s right – a talking cat and dog argue over which path Ryan Reynolds should take in life, with Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick getting mixed up in the mess. It’s Look Who’s Talking meets Psycho, and it sounds positively bonkers. And kinda funny, too…in a twisted sort of way. Oh well, he might not have mainstream audiences on his side, but at least Reynolds is keeping things interesting.

The Play

Death of a Comedian, Abbey Theatre (Peacock Stage)

Steve Johnston tells jokes for a living.  He’s just having a problem finding an audience is all. Enter Doug Wright: comedy agent extraordinaire. Doug is about money. Doug represents the big boys. Doug and Steve’s girlfriend, Maggie, argue over Steve’s material. Do we know where this is going? Of course we do.

It’s a testament to renowned playwright Owen McCafferty’s sharp and amusing script about a professional comic on the rise that, even at its most predictable, Death of a Comedian keeps us glued. Doug is the man to whom Steve will sell his soul. The big time is calling, but just what is he prepared to lose in order to see his name up in lights? It’s a rather clever move, putting together a play that incorporates four separate stand-up sets. Put it this way, McCafferty now gets to show the world what he might be like as a comedian, without ever having to endure the scary performance bit. It helps that leading man Brian Doherty (Steve) is in blistering form through each ‘gig’. A well-acted and well-produced comedy drama, there are some cracking gags in there, too. Obviously.

Running until April 4. Times: Thursday – Saturday at 8pm (Sat matinee at 2.30pm). Tickets priced €18 - €25 available from www.abbeytheatre.ie.

The Pub

The Bleeding Horse, Camden Street

One more game to go. Yes, we are, of course, referring to the Six Nations which (finally) comes to an end this Saturday when Ireland take on Scotland at 2.30pm in Murrayfield. But we’re in Dublin. So, you know, we need a decent pub to watch it in, especially if things go according to plan. The Bleeding Horse sounds good to us. It’s big, it’s central and they’ve got a giant screen downstairs. Nice pint of Guinness, too. Stick around long enough, and you might just be tempted to indulge in the Bleeding Horse Glamorous Indie Rock night. Though the tunes don’t start until 10.30pm. Probably best to take it slow if you’re out for the day…

The Meal

Fallon & Byrne, Exchequer Street

It’s up to you, really. There’s a fine restaurant, a “good earth” food hall (meat, poultry, fruit and veg – the whole works) and a cosy wine bar, so you can grab a sandwich, pick up some ingredients for home or kick back with a delicious glass of red and some top-notch weekend service. Indeed, we’re spoiled for choice at Fallon & Byrne. Believe the hype about this whole best-coffee-in-the-city business, too. Yeah, it’s pretty tasty, we’ll give ‘em that…

For menus and opening times, visit www.fallonandbyrne.com.

The Comedian

Al Porter, Vicar Street

The funny guy in the loud suits, Tallaght comic Al Porter is officially the youngest Irish comedian in history to headline Vicar Street. At the tender age of 21, Porter is already playing the big stages, and this Saturday, he’s all ours (no, seriously, the title of the show is ‘Al Porter is Yours’…clever, huh?). We’ve been promised some hilarious stand-up sketches and songs. We’ll hold him to that.

Saturday at 7.30pm. Tickets priced €19 available from www.ticketmaster.ie.

The Concert

Usher, 3Arena

The ladies love Usher. So much so, in fact, that we’re considering bringing ear plugs to this one. The man born Usher Terry Raymond IV is now 36, would you believe, but hey, the bloke still looks 25, and ‘The UR Experience’ promises to be a fabulously-choreographed big-budget R&B extravaganza. He’s got a new album on the way, but we wanna hear OMG, right? It’s gonna get loud. And just a little bit ridiculous. We can’t wait.

Friday. Tickets priced from €39.05 available at www.ticketmaster.ie.

The (Movie) Festival

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

Russell Crowe and Kenneth Branagh are in town this weekend. It can only mean one thing. That’s right - the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is officially underway. So, what do we recommend this year? Well, you could see if there are any tickets left for a special screening of Disney’s new live-action Cinderella blockbuster this Saturday at the Savoy (the aforementioned Branagh will be in attendance, him being the director and all) or perhaps our fellow grunge lovers will be intrigued to catch a first glimpse of Cobain: Montage of Heck (a hugely-anticipated documentary about the late Nirvana front man, Kurt Cobain) at Cineworld. Either way, there’s something for everybody in the audience. Best get busy planning, movie fans…

Running until March 29. For a full list of events, visit www.jdiff.com.

The (Book) Festival

Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown

It does exactly what it says on the poster. Yep, it’s the first big literary event of the year, with five whole days of readings, spoken-word events and workshops. Sheila Hancock, Paul Durcan, Andrew O’Hagan, S. J. Watson and Andrew Crofts are just some of the authors who will be making an appearance from now until Sunday. There will also be dramatic readings of James Joyce and Flann O’Brien. That’s us sold.

Running until March 22. For a full list of events, visit www.mountainstosea.ie.

The Night Out

Euphoria’s First Birthday at the Button Factory

So, it’s time to unwind and, well, forget what we said about taking it easy. Might we suggest heading on down to the Button Factory in Temple Bar tomorrow night? The well-loved Euphoria club night celebrates its first birthday this weekend, and guess what? British DJ Paul Heron is flying in especially (we hear that’s a good thing). According to the website, we can expect “great visuals”, “amazing dancers” and “super-hot guys and girls in one awesome venue”. Um, okay then. Go wild. You have our permission.

Doors: 11pm. Tickets: €12 on the night. For more, visit www.buttonfactory.ie.

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