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Frost on the way in cold snap but we'll escape snow and heavy rain

WINTER has well and truly arrived.

And the warning coming from Met Eireann is wrap up warmly as the country braces itself for a frosty week.

As temperatures drop to a low of 3C over the coming days, frost is expected throughout the country and icy patches will emerge on roads.

But unlike our neighbours, we will escape the snow and excessive rain being predicted for England and Scotland.

Speaking to the Herald, a Met Eireann forecaster said that the heavy rain this morning should disappear by tomorrow and we will be greeted with a crisp and dry few days.

"It will be mainly dry except for the east coast, the north and western coasts," she said.

"The showers penetrating inland over Leinster will become confined to the coast later this afternoon.

"The story for this week is that it will be dry, except for western, northern and eastern coastal fringes.


"It will be similar to what we've had -- good sunny spells and mainly dry weather."

While forecasters are expecting a chilly, snow-free week, they are keeping their eyes peeled, just in case of a cold snap.

"Basically, we're looking at relatively cold temperatures," she said.

"There will be widespread frost with icy patches on roads, except for the east coast, which is that little bit milder.

"Air temperatures are struggling to get up. Tomorrow, it will be three to eight degrees and on Wednesday, we're expecting it to be three to six degrees.

"At this stage, it's frost. We're lucky that it is relatively dry and early in the season, but we're certainly keeping an eye on things.

"At the moment, there is snow forecast for Scotland. They will get snow, and people are a bit worried, thinking 'what will it mean for us?'

"So far for the early part of the week, we're okay."