Saturday 16 December 2017

Yvonne Connolly: I'm not an ice queen, I'm just a country girl at heart

Yvonne Connolly
Yvonne Connolly

She might be a cool blonde but Yvonne Connolly says she's far from an ice queen.

The Kildare native says she's a "country girl" who loves horse riding but worries people think she's a moody and detached diva.

"I always find that if I go to do a photoshoot or anything like that, stylists and magazine editors are always really keen to paint me as this kind of cool blonde," she said.

"They want this kind of ice queen kind of image which leads me to believe that people might see me as that, but in reality, I'm the opposite."

As if to prove she's a down-to-earth mum, Yvonne has rolled up her sleeves in recent months painting and decorating her new house.

The 40-year-old split from her ex-husband Ronan Keating in 2012. Having moved out of their Abington mansion, Yvonne rented for several months before buying another house in Malahide late last year.

Since finding her new place the mum-of-three has thrown herself into home improvements.

Jack (16), Missy (14) and nine-year-old Ali have helped to paint their bedrooms and put their stamp on their new rooms.


"I used to travel a lot, so if there was something to be done in the house I would get someone in to do it but I've been adamant since I've moved in to do it myself," she said.

"I've done my own wallpapering, I've done my own painting and I'm planting all my shrubs.

"The sense of achievement I get when I do that - things I never thought I'd be able to do around the house, which to everyone else it's probably easy-peasy but I'd never done it before.

"I've been putting together furniture and reupholstering things and all that," she added.

However, the one thing she does miss from her spacious Abington abode is her walk-in wardrobe.

"I have a little wardrobe now that is about a third the size of the one I had before so it's a case of trying to thin it out at the moment," she said.

"It's not a walk-in wardrobe and that's probably the one thing I miss from my old house."

However, Yvonne has found the perfect place for her unworn clothes as she's fronting a new campaign called Buy My Dress in aid of the Down Syndrome Centre. The campaign is being run in association with Special K and events will be taking place across the country on October 4 where ladies can donate their own pre-loved dresses.

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