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Your night in: What's on the box?


Kevin McCloud

Kevin McCloud

Kevin McCloud

Top picks for tonight:

Surviving Everest, Channel 4, 9pm

Reporter Tom Martienssen was halfway up Mount Everest when the recent earthquake hit, trapping him and a team of British Army Gurkhas when a wall of rock and ice came crashing down around them. Their footage tells the stories of an extraordinary rescue and of the people who lost their lives. After the second devastating quake, Tom returns to Nepal to find the men who were with him on the mountain and to discover how the country is coping amid continuing aftershocks.

Dipso diplomacy

The Brink, sky Atlantic, 10.10pm

New series. Pakistan undergoes a military coup and low-level US diplomat Alex Talbot suddenly finds himself a valuable asset to alcoholic secretary of state Walter Larson back in Washington, DC. Satirical comedy, starring Tim Robbins and Jack Black.

One to watch

Kevin McCloud's Escape to the Wild, Channel 4, 9pm

Kevin travels to Central America to meet British family-of-five the Atkinsons, who have quit London to live a simpler existence in the rainforests of Belize. As he attempts to understand their motivations for the move, he suffers from the heat, is attacked by swarms of biting insects and shares his mud hut with a large scorpion, but begins to appreciate the rewards of a simple jungle life, one in which they've constructed a two-storey building from recycled rubbish.

Hawaii whodunnit

Hawaii Five-o, RTE 2, 8.05pm

The cops are puzzled by the murder of a wealthy couple and a missing artefact linked to the Royal League, a long-forgotten secret society. A conspiracy theorist thinks he knows what’s going on, but should he be trusted?

Still life...

Whiskey Business, TV3, 8.30pm

As the arrival of the all-important copper pot stills looms, Jack and Stephen Teeling try to hold all the other aspects of building a whiskey distillery together. Security risks and bad weather are just some of the obstacles faced by the brothers in the run-up to this vital delivery.

All kinds of everything

Japan: Earth’s enchanted islands, BBC2, 9pm

The documentary focuses on Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, which every year swings from a bitter Siberian winter into the warmth of a Mediterranean-like summer, with the thaw revealing a landscape changed beyond all recognition. It takes hardy animals and tough people to survive in this ever-changing place.