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Young Chloe ready to follow dad Brian into showbiz... but school comes first

BRIAN Ormond has insisted that he has no worries about daughter Chloe carving out a career in showbiz, because she has her priorities in order.

The RTE presenter told the Herald that his 11-year-old knows that her education comes first and has to earn auditions without his help.

Billie Barry star Chloe recently lent her voice to the RTE and BBC produced animated series The Abadas, which saw her play the role of cartoon fox Ela.

Kids TV host Brian (32) said that his only child has been performing from a young age and is aware of the importance of her school studies.

"We brought her into it when she was younger to see if she liked. She loved it, so she's very active, she does everything. We just want to give her all the opportunity she can get and she can make her own mind up then. I wouldn't be pushy with her at all.

"But she realises school comes first. She can't miss school to go and do something, she has do her homework before she's allowed to go to stage school or anything like that and she is really good," the proud dad added.

Brian, who is currently fronting the Big Money Game Show with Montrose pal Sinead Kennedy (28), explained that even though he has his own telly programme and is in the business, it doesn't mean that Chloe receives special treatment.

"She'd absolutely love to be in a panto and she's auditioned and hasn't got it, so it's not like she gets everything. It's good in a way because she doesn't think everything will be handed to her on a plate."

But the anchor, who is married to AR model Pippa O'Connor (28), did admit that he was pleasantly surprised when he heard how talented his daughter was with a microphone in hand.

"I was shocked at how good she was [at singing], she has great clarity in her voice."

The Dubliner is currently starring in the latest instalment of RTE's Celebrity Bainisteoir as well as Big Money and was forced to stay home last weekend due to his hectic schedule.