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We put back our wedding and bought a farm instead

Gordon and I have been engaged for two years. We were due to get married about a year ago, but after buying the farm we had to put the wedding on hold. There was too much money to spend with the yard and everything, so we decided to put it back and we haven't made any other plans yet.

We did have the wedding booked and I had a deposit on a dress – we were halfway there but then we decided that it was too much money to spend when we had to spend so much on the farm.

I have been going out with Gordon for nearly six years. I haven't noticed much pressure for us to get married, but our horse-racing friends want us to tie the knot so we can have a party.

The wedding will be in Ireland because Gordon's family is much bigger than mine. We met through mutual racing friends while I was at University in Bristol. Then when I graduated I moved over to Ireland.

One of us was going to have to move because I'm from Norfolk in England originally. It wasn't going to be Gordon so I made the move and I love living in Ireland.

It's brilliant over here in Cheltenham because we have a group of friends from Ireland who always come over like Rachel, Paul Carberry's girlfriend, and we meet up with trainer David Pipe's girlfriend, so there is a big gang of us.

The girls are great, we stay in the same area near the racecourse when we're over here so we always pool our resources and give each other a hand with fashion.

I bought a hat that I wore on Thursday at the racecourse that day. It's from a girl called Zara Tiara and it's her first year here so we suggested her to come over to Punchestown with us because she has fabulous hats.

We work in the morning so it's nice to be able to dress up for the races. We have a house across the road from the racecourse as we have to be close to the horses so it's handy.