Friday 24 November 2017

Vox pop

Suzanne Reilly (18), Clonskeagh

No, I saw one episode and I think it seems really fake and staged and put on. All the characters are into their bodies and their appearances. They're just chavs.

Jessica Dalton (18), Co Louth

No, I watched an episode in college and we all laughed at it. It seems scripted and just a bad imitation of Geordie Shore. None of the characters shocked me; I just felt embarrassed for them.

Sarah Connolly (19), Stillorgan

I haven't seen it but I've heard that it's made Irish reality TV programmes plummet to a new low. I'd watch an episode to see what the hype is about but I wouldn't have any great expectations for it.

Amber Haynes (22), Dundrum

It's kind of interesting but I think the characters are very similar to each other. I don't think they're being themselves; they're just trying to imitate other reality TV shows. However, I'm not shocked by any of their actions.

Aine Kelly (18), Celbridge

I think it's really funny but it's shockingly bad. You have to laugh at the characters. They think that they're celebrities but all they do is go out and get drunk. They act the way any young person does.

Evan Brack (20), Bray

It's a good show. It's like Geordie Shore or Jersey Shore. I even recognise one of the guys on it. The characters are into going out and having a laugh. It's not shocking, they're just doing what most young people in their early 20s do.

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