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Vogue Williams: My body doesn't look like this on the beach


Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

WHEN it comes to style, mum knows best - even for fasion-forward models like Vogue Williams.

The model and TV presenter said her mother is still her first port of call when it comes to style advice.

"I would always send my mum pictures of what I'm wearing, then she would send me what she thinks of each outfit. She tells me exactly what suits me, and what doesn't, so she is the most honest person I could ask," Vogue said

While he might not be known for his fashion sense, her other half Brian McFadden also has his input into Vogue's outfits.

"I would definitely ask his advice about stuff that I'm wearing, because I do trust his opinion," she told Woman's Way.

The fitness fanatic regularly shows off the results of her gruelling workout regime on social media, but Vogue admitted her incredible bikini shots aren't quite as they seem.

Even though the 29-year-old works out up to six times a week, she revealed she still cheats when it comes to her Instagram swimwear selfies.

"Although I train hard, my body doesn't look like this on the beach, it's well posed and filtered to the max," Vogue said.


The Howth native is rarely out of the gym and while she's surely fighting fit, she was terrified when she came face to face with boxing champ Christina McMahon in the ring recently.

Despite towering over the bantamweight title-holder, fashion blogger Vogue was nervous when she met the Monaghan native during a workout.

"I look for different ways to train so I don't get bored and I got to try Muay Thai boxing last week and I loved it.

"I also got to spar in the ring with boxer Christina McMahon. It was scary to say the least," she wrote in her blog for Hello! magazine.

Although the Spin 1038 DJ is based in the UK with her ex-Westlife star husband Brian McFadden, she was back on Irish shores again last week to film her latest RTE show.

"I was filming for my series, Wild Girls, and it was a full-on week. I just spent the whole time working so didn't get to see any of my friends until Sunday," she said.