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Zoe crumbles with Apprentice biscuits

Zoe Beresford saw her dreams of glory on The Apprentice crumble -- after biting off more than she could chew in a biscuit-making task.

She was fired after her team failed to notch up any orders for their new brand of baked treats.

But despite clashing with colleagues and admitting to poor decisions on the manufacturing and branding challenge, the 26-year-old insisted she was still a smart cookie.

Team Logic leader Beresford sent two colleagues to a biscuit factory while she and skincare entrepreneur Susan Ma worked on packaging.

After coming up with Bix Mix, a product to be snapped in half and shared with friends, a gap began to emerge between the quality of the ingredients used and the premium price chosen.

Beresford hid her disappointment when she first tasted the bog-standard biscuits.

She said afterwards: "I should have said something but at the end of the day I don't think it was the best idea to go and say actually it's a rubbish biscuit, don't sell it, because (the team) have to be passionate and behind it."

Cheshire-based Beresford, who initially wanted to be involved in the manufacturing process, admitted she should have gone to the factory after all.


The straight-talking candidate, who is rumoured to have struck up a romance with fellow fired contestant Glenn Ward, rowed with others on several occasions.

Beresford said of the spats: "That's the passion, that's where it came out. Maybe I should have used my passion for rallying instead."

Rival Team Venture, led by executive assistant Helen Milligan, secured one order for 800,000 units for their Special Stars after-school treats -- an offer that astounded Alan Sugar.

He told the team: "That's unbelievable. I've never seen anything like that. That is the launch of a mega product."