Sunday 17 December 2017

Zig and Zag are back and they're ready to rock the airwaves

They entertained an entire generation of children on The Den, and now they are due to make their come back on national radio as their biggest fans hit their 30s.

Old television favourites Zig and Zag, from the planet Zog, will be taking to the airways from this Saturday as they join 2fm's weekend line-up.

The RTE puppets, who first appeared on Dempsey's Den in 1987, are taking over the weekly 10am to midday slot on Saturdays.

The whacky duo will be replacing Tommy Tiernan and Hector O hEochagain, Damian Farrelly and a number of other contributors who were looking after the slot of late.

Farrelly and O hEochagain have since been given their own early morning programmes, prompting the Z brothers' comeback.

Zig and Zag have chosen to name their new slot 'Smells like Saturday', which does not refer to any lack of hygiene on their part, according to Zag.

"It's the most fragrant radio show you're ever going to hear," Zag said.

Although the extraterrestrial brothers are getting slightly long in the tooth -- they have been in the media business for almost 25 years -- they believe that they can still appeal to a young audience.

"We'll have lots of cool music and mayhem," Zag said.

"Banging tunes," Zig added.

It is understood that the show may have to be prepared in advance to ensure that libel lawyers can review the content.


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