Thursday 21 March 2019

YouTube spoof Tallafornia Swipe attracts twice as many viewers as reality show

AN ONLINE spoof of Tallafornia has attracted more viewers than the TV3 reality show.

The first episode of the parody, which was produced by young broadcasters Peter Ganley and Chris Greene, has attracted over 560,000 viewers while Tallafornia Swipe, Episode Two already has an audience of nearly 250,000 and is still getting daily hits.

In comparison, ratings for the real show peaked in December when its teaser episode attracted an average audience of around 250,000.

"We've been inundated with requests for more episodes, we usually put them up on Mondays, and if we're late, we get messages from people at work saying that they are bored and they want their daily fix of Tallafornia Swipe," creator Chris Greene told the Herald.

"People really enjoy hating the stars of the show, and we're getting a great reaction. When we initially set up the channel, we expected a lot of criticism, but everyone has been surprisingly supportive and the people that do criticise it, have made very polite constructive comments, which is unusual for any videos on YouTube.

"Most of our viewers come from the English speaking world -- especially the US, Ireland and the UK -- but the videos have been watched in places like Equatorial Guinea and Venezuela as well. It just shows that it's a hit everywhere and what's interesting is that people pick up on completely different aspects on the show depending on where they are from.

"For example, some American viewers have pointed out to us that David tends to wear a lot of NFL gear but he tends to get mixed up with the teams -- he'd be wearing a hat from one team and a jersey from their rivals."

Despite being mocked throughout the duo's sketches, the seven Tallafornia housemates have unexpectedly endorsed the parodies.

"Cormac started tweeting us and sharing links to our episodes, and when Nikita was interviewed, she also didn't seem to mind what we say in the show. They don't seem to care that we're not complimentary -- they enjoy the attention anyway."


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