Thursday 18 January 2018

Xpose Live shows cut to make room for Lucy and Martin

Seven O'Clock Show
Martin King and Lucy Kennedy

Xpose Live is no more as TV3's flagship entertainment show has reverted to being pre-recorded.

TV3 made the decision to cut the live element of the showbiz programme in order to make room for their new live Seven O'Clock Show with Lucy Kennedy and Martin King.

Xpose went live with a brand new set in an attempt to emulate the popular American entertainment show E! News last September. Peter O'Riordan was also unveiled as their new presenter after he moved home from the US where he worked at celebrity news site TMZ.


"Xpose was a pre-recorded show for years. We did broadcast Xpose Live for a while with pre-recorded segments throughout, but yes this has changed back to fully pre-recorded in order to accommodate the Seven O'Clock Show, which is fully live," a spokesperson from TV3 told the Herald.

"Xpose still airs 6pm-7pm but it is just now fully pre-recorded, as opposed to live."

The show is presented by Lisa Canon, Peter O'Riordan, Aisling O'Loughlin and Glenda Gilson while Karen Koster is on maternity leave until the summer.

Lisa (36), who has been with the show from the outset, doesn't believe much has changed on the show now that it's no longer live.

"Xpose is one of those shows that works live and pre-recorded so there's no real difference," she said.

"We're still doing all our usual segments and there's a live ticker that updates on all the latest showbiz news as we air, and there is still interaction with viewers on social media so not much has changed.

"We're on the road recording as much as ever and the format is still the same," she added.

Last month it was announced that Late Lunch Live would be renamed and moving to the evening slot instead, rebranded as the Seven O'Clock Show.


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