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'X Factor is appalling', says former Voice coach Sharon Corr


Sharon Corr

Sharon Corr

Sharon Corr

Former Voice of Ireland coach Sharon Corr has slammed the X Factor, describing the UK talent show as "appalling".

She launched a scathing attack on the programme, which she believes gives an unrealistic impression to young artists that they do not have to work to be stars.

"I think reality shows are dying out," she said.

"The reason I did The Voice was because I rated it. I felt it was the antidote to The X Factor which I think is appalling.

"On The X Factor you'd almost think that these judges could put these bands together and somehow they have this amazing foresight and they know how to make people superstars.

"They don't. Superstars are born. They work at it. They work at their job and they work hard.

"They make music. They sing brilliantly. They play brilliantly. You don't make that.

"There are very simple rules: you have to get your stage legs, you have to play all the dirty clubs, you have to come up from the ground and you also have to deliver something that's uniquely you.

"So I mean, none of those guys can tell you how to do that. You just have to go out and do it."


The Corrs confirmed last week that they are re- uniting after almost 10 years apart.

The group, who are known for hits including Breathless and Runaway, will play BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park on September 13.

"We're in the process of making a new record, so it feels just right to do this. It's exciting," lead singer Andrea told Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 last week.