Thursday 23 November 2017

Will Nidge follow John Boy...all the way to the grave?

NIDGE could be fighting for his life in 2012, Love Hate actor Tom Vaughan Lawlor has revealed.

The Dundrum native, who plays the thug in the RTE crime drama, told the Herald he predicted Nidge could be the next to be gunned down on the hit show.

With details of the new script on lock down, Tom said that while he had "no idea" how things would turn out, he thought his neurotic character could follow John Boy's demise

"There were a few clues at the end of the last series to suggest that Nidge could go in the same direction as John Boy.

"We saw him staring at the CCTV while suiting up to be the new leader and paranoia is rife with him, just like it was with John Boy," said the 34-year-old actor.


"What I also thought was very clever was a scene in the sixth episode, where Nidge is playing pool discussing funeral songs and he says he'd like to hear Guns N' Roses song Welcome To The Jungle played.

"Then later on we see him playing a video game and that track is on in the background. That definitely lends to the suggestion that I'm next in line to fall.

"Another hint where we left off is that Darren is heading off somewhere, but he could very well come back and challenge Nidge. He puts the crown on my head, I've aligned myself with power, but the next challenger is always around the corner," the dad-of-one said.

RTE have yet to confirm a third season -- the Trinity College graduate divulged that the writers were still in talks. "It's not official yet that it's coming back, I hope so though."

Tom, who lives in London with his actress wife Claire Cox and their 10-month-old son Freddie, said the exciting thing about working on the drama was that writer Stuart Carolan left no clues as to what was coming up.

"With Stuart, you have no idea. I can predict that I'll be going in one direction but I could be totally wrong. While filming the first series, we (the cast) were all waiting around to find out what happened to the characters towards the end of the season.

Ultimately, the Dubliner admits he will be happy with the direction so long as he gets the chance to continue exploring Nidge.

"I don't mind what my character gets up to, once I can explore him I'm happy -- Stuart keeps everything as a closely kept secret though, so for now I'm not certain.

"We're all sworn to secrecy when we get the scripts, and they change so often ,too, that it's impossible to have a definite idea of what will unfold or how it will end until we're half way through the shoot.

"Stuart is always changing details, once he sees it playing out and adapts bits to make them better."


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