Wednesday 24 April 2019

Why can't we cope with a little snow?

The cold harsh reality of winter bit deep this week as temperatures plummeted, snow piled high and the country seemed to shudder to a halt. But Gerry Ryan was there to remind us that not only has the economy seen more dire days, but the big snow of 2009 wasn't a patch on 1982.

". . .the nation seemed to go into collective shock when the biggest snow fall in 40 years hit this country", read Ryan from a report of the chaos caused. "Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald even cut short his sun holiday in the Canary Islands as the country came to a standstill. The snow was up to 1.5 meters deep in some areas and temperatures dropped as low as minus 7 degrees. Gale force easterly winds caused electricity to be knocked out in many areas and businesses and schools closed all across the country."

In fact things were so bad the Government even appointed Tanaiste and Labour party leader Michael O'Leary as the Minister for Snow.

Bernie, from Killinarden, Tallaght, rang the Ryan line to give her first-hand account.

"The snow was roof deep, Gerry," she remembered. "Up over the houses it came."

But those days life was simpler and the nation welcomed anything that would distract from the reality of living in a State teetering on bankruptcy.

"People do panic, and I understand that, but the fun we had," Bernie reminisced. "We had card games when we couldn't have anything else. We dropped kids into the snow from a height when we eventually got out the front door. . . It was great craic, great craic."

But the Celtic Tiger has made us soft, and now a small flurry of white sends us all into a tailspin.

"In Ireland we do tend to get somewhat over excited about snow don't we?" said Gerry to the next caller, Darren, suggesting what we experienced was just baby snow. "But you lived in Germany where they have real snow," Gerry says.

"Yeah. . So, I just got a bit peed off with people giving out about a small bit of snow," Darren told Ryan.

And Darren has unquestionably earned the right as he went on to recount the day he spent 23 hours stuck in a snowstorm trapped in his car on an autobahn. He had no heat, no company and no food.

So count your blessings. And remember, if it's yellow, don't eat it.

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