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Who's the daddy? Even i don't know, says Fair City Carol

Fair City's Carol Foley has shocked viewers with her pregnancy but while she's not certain who the father is -- neither is actress Aisling O'Neill who plays the character.

Viewers of the soap are being kept in suspense about whether Carol's ex Christy -- or her current lover Louie -- is the father, after the shock news was broken to Carol by local nurse Vivienne Lynch, played by Helen Norton.

But Aisling says she'd rather not know the paternity of the baby along with the viewers, until it's revealed to fans.

"When she reveals the news to Louie, he's very supportive and excited. And when she goes back to Vivienne, she tells Carol that she's further along than she thought.

"She tells Louie but he says he still wants to be a father to the baby," the actress explained to the Herald.

Aisling says she herself is staying blissfully ignorant on who's the daddy

"I actually don't know. I prefer not knowing because it's easier to play the part that way.

"I chose not to know because I feel that I don't need to know.

"If the character doesn't know, then I don't need to know."