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What I'm hoping for is Love/Hate - the movie, says director David Caffrey


Love/Hate Series 5 Episode 6

Love/Hate Series 5 Episode 6

Love/Hate Series 5 Episode 6

LOVE/Hate director David Caffrey has revealed that he would love to make a movie version of the show - if only he could convince creator Stuart Carolan to write it.

Carolan has hinted that there may be a sixth season of the crimeland drama after it went out with a bang on Sunday.

But director Caffrey would like to go one step further.

"I'd love to make a mega-movie," he told the Herald and added: "But I'd have to talk him [Carolan] into it."

In a round table discussion, creator Stuart Carolan hinted that there may be a sixth season noting that Nidge's death was his favourite scene "so far".

Carolan said that there are discussions on-going with RTE but that they needed a few days to get over the dramatic ending.

"We're talking with RTE, we've only finished - it's been a big, big moment in the show. It's been the biggest moment so far," he said.

"Where we go next we are not 100pc sure. There are any number of ways that we can go with it so we're talking to RTE and talking amongst ourselves about where to go next," he said.

"It's only a few days since the last episode went out so it's very early days."

Carolan said that everyone on the show was sad to see Tom Vaughan Lawlor leave but Nidge was always going to meet a bloody end.

"It was a huge decision but this is something we had talked about with Tom," he said. "We knew that ultimately this is where we were going.

"Tom leaving is massive. From the very beginning Tom has been with the show and he started off as a supporting actor to become the main man - King Nidge - and the beating heart of the show."

Director Caffrey revealed that he met Nidge before he ever met Vaughan Lawlor.

"He came in [to the audition] in character because I wanted everyone to convince me," he said.

Carolan describes the writing process as a bit like a war and it took him three years to develop the finished project.

"The way I work is that when I'm in the zone I'm working all the time - 24/7. So about 90pc of your brain is living in that world," Carolan revealed.

"So you have about 10pc left to do family things, put your clothes on and tie your laces.

Killing off King Nidge came after the show lost two major characters in previous seasons - but he is not worried about being predictable.

"It's never about shock value or thinking will we double bluff the audience, it's always about telling the truth," he said.