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We're shocked that RTE put Movie Show on hold - Daniella

MODEL and TV presenter Daniella Moyles has spoken of her shock at RTE's decision to scrap The Movie Show.

"I was surprised, of course," the 25-year-old said. "I didn't see it coming at all. I had no idea or inkling that it would stop production."

Daniella was a "roving reporter" on the show -- travelling around the country interviewing actors and directors.

"I've spoken to Mairead and Eoghan. All of us were upset and thought it was a shame because we enjoyed filming it so much. It was such a laugh and we got a positive reaction."

The series, fronted by Mairead Farrell and Eoghan McDermott, was scheduled to run for an ambitious 16 weeks.

However, production was halted after just seven episodes.

RTE announced this week that the series was being suspended until further notice due to poor ratings.

But Daniella was keen to stress that RTE has not pulled the plug completely.

"We have never heard the word 'cancelled'. None of us. It's disappointing it isn't back straight away because it affects the momentum," she said.

"But as far as we know it's just suspended with the view of returning. Maybe if gets a different time slot."

The Movie Show was already thrown a lifeline late last year when it was moved to a stronger slot in the schedule. But despite the move, the show failed to pull in enough viewers.

A spokesperson for RTE said: "Given that the performance of the show wasn't at levels we hoped for, we took the decision to suspend the run."

"If it comes back -- great. But if it doesn't I don't think any of us are going to curl up in a ball and die," said Daniella, speaking at the launch of Rev-olutionise chewing gum.