Wednesday 24 April 2019

Were Dunphy's TV tears refreshing honesty or just a case of bottled emotion?

WAS he 'tired and emotional' or was he genuine?

They're the big questions that Dubliners were asking this evening following Eamon Dunphy's astonishing tears on the Late Late.

On a night when Pete Doherty opened the show with a mumbling interview, Dunphy closed the show with tears streaming down his face over the economy.

The millionaire journalist who used to brand Pat Kenny a plank, wept as he discussed the state of the nation along with Senator Eoghan Harris and journalist John Waters.

Despite the strangeness of the occasion Dubliners overwhelmingly supported Eamon, as his television tears proved a hit with the nation.

Here's what they thought:

"I thought he was great and it was a good show. I know some might say he was a bit tired and emotional but I thought his feelings were sincere. Eamon has always been a bit controversial, but I think he'd make a great politician."

-- Pat Gormley, Loughlinstown

"Eamon was passionate and would be a better politician than many that are out there already. I thought his tears were genuine."

-- Tom Mulhall, Glenageary

"I was very impressed with Eamon. I thought he was true to himself and that he was spot on to be fair to him. I think he did feel genuinely sorry for the Irish people."

-- Tony Crosbie, Glasnevin

"Eamon was one of the first to take a pay cut and I think he has a genuine sense of how the rest of the country feels. It's time we saw more people being honest. He was very good."

-- Anthony Crosbie,


"At first I didn't know whether to applaud him or send for the men in the white coats, and I know he has had a champagne-fuelled lifestyle in the past, but I think his tears were genuine. It was refreshing to see somebody being honest and emotional."

-- Rachel Dunne, Firhouse

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