Thursday 23 November 2017

Vogue Williams et to spend a night behind bars

Vogue Williams, at the Fairyhouse Easter Horseracing Festival
Vogue Williams, at the Fairyhouse Easter Horseracing Festival

TV star Vogue Williams is going from spending nights in the jungle on Mission Survive to sleeping in a US prison as part of her new TV series.

The RTE show will see Vogue meeting a host of different "tough" women across the world.

"Vogue Does Straight As should be coming out this month and I'm shooting another one in June called Mean Girls," she told the Herald.

"It's about really tough women. I'm going to meet women on death row and MMA fighters and loads of different things like that.

"I'm nervous about the prison thing because in America they let you stay the night and I'm sure RTE are planning to dump me in there at some point, so that will be a bit scary.


"But I love making shows that are interesting and this one is going to be quite an interesting one to make.

"Sleeping in a prison will be pretty tough but they might let me bring my own sheets," she said.

Last Friday it was revealed that the Howth native had won Bear Grylls' tough reality show Mission Survive and Vogue (29) hopes she'll get more work in the UK as a result.

"I'm delighted the secret is out because I've known that since November and I had people constantly coming up to me at events asking me about it and I couldn't say anything," she said.

"I'd say more people probably know me in the UK now because the show did quite well, but I was the underdog so you didn't see too much of me at the start, it was only the last episode really."


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