Thursday 20 September 2018

UTV's Jenny Buckley: I hope I never have to interview Paris Hilton again as 'there's nothing going on there'

Jenny Buckley at the opening night of Top Hat at The Bord Gais Enegy Theatre,Dublin.
Jenny Buckley at the opening night of Top Hat at The Bord Gais Enegy Theatre,Dublin.

Jenny Buckley has just landed the part of presenter on UTV's new entertainment report, but there is one celebrity she hopes she won't have to interview again - heiress Paris Hilton.

The weathergirl turned showbiz presenter (35), said the socialite was her least favourite person to interview and described her as "vacuous".

"There was nothing going on there, which sounds so nasty. She was very, very beautiful, though," Jenny said.

Landing the UTV weather gig in January brought the former No Frontiers star back on TV screens for the first time in five years and she admitted she's still getting used to being back in the spotlight.

"It's a weird thing. I'm very aware of it," she said.

"I remember what it was like years ago. It can be a nasty business, but if you embrace it from a positive stance and don't take it too seriously, it's a bit of a laugh.

"Once you're enjoying your job, that's all that matters, and I love my job."

While she's getting used to her newfound fame, Jenny insisted she won't be partying every night, as she is too busy being mum to her three-year-old daughter Jude.

"I used to feel it [pressure to go to events], I don't anymore. I've my little girl now, so my priority is to spend more time with her and my husband Garrett," she said.

"If there's an event where all my friends are going then I'll definitely attend, but I wouldn't feel the pressure to go to everything."

Jenny also revealed she had some difficulty getting used to the green screen while delivering the weather forecast.

"It was so difficult. Everything is back to front, so it takes a while to get used to it," she told VIP Magazine.


"It was so alien at the start and it's probably only now that I'm feeling relaxed about it."

Speaking to the Herald recently, Jenny described her new role on the weather as her "perfect" gig.

"I haven't felt this happy in years, it's great. We have a lovely team and it's a different venture."

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