Saturday 25 November 2017

TV3 star Anna Daly: 'I've had some unsavoury 'fan mail' but no marriage proposals'


Anna Daly
Anna Daly

As the pretty face of a popular morning show, it's hardly surprising Anna Daly gets her fair share of fan mail.

But the TV3 presenter has admitted that she's been on the receiving end of some unsavoury letters.

The Saturday AM host told the Diary she has had to pass on some of her fan mail to "another department" to be dealt with.

"You get letters that you might not want to get. The odd hand-written letter from people is lovely to get, but the occasional thing has come in that has to be passed on to another department pretty quickly," she said.

"And I get no marriage proposals - it's very sad," she added.

Along with some unsettling mail, Anna also has to juggle being a mum to James (3) and Euan (2) with her new weekend presenting gig, meaning she has no time for more babies.

"Two is a handful. I feel guilty about saying that because there are women with five and six children who seem to be managing it fine, but I think two is hard work."

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