Friday 15 December 2017

Tubridy 'saddened' by O'Neal interview on Late Late Show

Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show
Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show
Actor Ryan O'Neal (L) and actress Tatum O'Neal

Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy has said he was left feeling deflated and saddened by an interview with Hollywood actor Ryan O'Neal.

The chat with O'Neal caused outrage on social media after he made an inappropriate sexual joke about his Oscar-winning daughter Tatum on the Irish chat show on Friday night.

O'Neal (73) was discussing the death of his late partner Farrah Fawcett when he made a disturbing reference to his daughter.

"I haven't been with anyone since. How do you follow that girl? Well I could be with Tatum, I guess, but it's a little late in the game," he laughed.

Tubridy yesterday told his 2FM audience yesterday that he was saddened by the American actor's "weirdness" about his daughter.

He said that Paper Moon, which starred O'Neal and his daughter, is "one of my favourite films" adding "one that you should watch with dads and their daughters and then he started being really weird about his daughter and I was going 'Oh no..,' Ryan said.

"I was so excited to meet Ryan O'Neal and today I feel a bit deflated about that."

Actor Ryan O'Neal (L) and actress Tatum O'Neal

Tubridy also told how the audience were also left in shock after O'Neal made an off-colour joke about his daughter's ex-husband and tennis legend John McEnroe shouting "It was in" while they were on honeymoon.

"The audience were laughing but I think they were gasping out of shock rather than anything else," he said.

"He [O'Neal] kind of creeped people out a little bit because he was talking about the fact that he had this great relationship with Tatum O'Neal for a long, long time and then Farrah Fawcett came along and Tatum suddenly saw this interloper who was taking her dad away.

"He was very frank about it. He said: 'Well then I had just had to make a decision so I decided on Farrah Fawcett' and then he described Tatum and said she was the devil.

"I don't know what happened between them, and we didn't hear Tatum's side of the story. But what I do know is what he said, which was terribly sad."

Russell Crowe made a succinct assessment of the interview when he came on after O'Neal.

"Let's not discuss it any further but how f***ed up was that?," he said.

"I think he summed the Ryan O'Neal thing really when he sat down", said Tubridy.


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