Saturday 18 November 2017

Tubridy has a genuine talent for talking to children. Hear that, RTE?

THE Late Late Show is an easy target for abuse. It's huge, flashy, with a well-known brand and an audience who gaze at it through glasses tinted with nostalgia, misremembering Gay (or Pat, depending on your vintage) as some kind of God of Friday TV.

This cynicism makes it easy to miss real talent when it appears on the screen. And on the Late Late that real talent shows up every time Ryan talks to children. Tubridy has long been applauded for his work with children on the Toy Show, but recently he took it to a new level when he interviewed a little girl suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, that horror disease which causes your skin to break, blister, rupture and tear at the slightest touch.

He was kind to her but not patronising, probing but not confusing and interested but not intimidating. He brought out the best in a little girl suffering and made her feel secure and respected. To do that with an adult is a talent, to do it with a child is a gift.

If RTE have any wit they will exploit Ryan's unique ability with kids by blowing the dust off the old School Around The Corner format and letting him bring it into the 21st century.

Because that show hasn't been on air in years it sounds dated, but with a bit of a spruce-up it could look modern and Tubridy would be the perfect person to create the kind of dialogue that has gone down in history from Paddy Crosbie's days; like when a serious little kid told Paddy on air that his horse had been terminally sick, so his dad had dug a grave, lowered the horse into it and then shot it. Paddy: "You mean he shot the poor horse in the hole?" Kid: "No sir, he shot it in the head."

Swastika lost in post ... come and get it

AN Post has admitted this week that a lot of the mail they carry never gets to its intended destination.

In part this is because of mis-addressing, but An Post has made it clear they can still find the recipient for most misdirected post.

The stuff they can't deliver is the stuff that you don't push through a letterbox unless you are absolutely, totally, 100pc sure you've got the right address.

Specifically, Nazi memorabilia and pornography.

You wouldn't think there'd be that many letters containing swastikas and nudity, but apparently it's pretty common. At present the lost letter office has a cigarette case with the emblem of the SS plus a compass bearing a swastika.

And according to the post office they pretty much always have a collection of naked pictures which don't have enough detail to get them delivered, as people forget how often Irish towns, streets and people share the same name.

You can imagine how risky it would be to deliver Patrick Murphy, O'Connell Street a nudie picture of Mrs Murphy if you're not positive that the address is correct (or that the picture is of Mrs Murphy.)

Gardai are so lonely they take in Callely

IVOR Callely's arrest is final proof the gardai are lonely. In every country in the world you get arrested, charged, and taken to court.

Here the guards just bring ex-politicians and ex-bankers in for a chin-wag and a cuppa.

In some cases they bring them in two or three times because they're clearly fabulous conversationalists.

As nice as this must be for the boys in blue, it might be worth following how other countries do it and try bringing someone to court for something.

Dana was kooky, but not as nuts as Newt

THE battle for the US Republican party nomination for President is getting close to a conclusion. And one of the potential nominees, Newt Gingrich, has said that if elected he would build a colony on the moon by 2020.

This is uniquely useful to Ireland as it makes our own candidates for President seem sensible by comparison.

Dana may have had some kooky notions but at least she kept them on this planet.

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