Thursday 21 March 2019

Tracy is ready to crack the whip in busy Christmas 'cook off' with chef rival Kev

It promises to be Tracy Piggott's busiest ever Christmas as she looks after her new baby and juggles numerous television appearances during the festive season.

The RTE racing presenter will show off her cookery skills to the nation, but these days there is only one special person benefiting from her cuisine.

Tracy said her baby daughter, Thea, is the only person in her life that will receive special meals this Christma. Since marriage plans with horse trainer Stephen Mahon came to an end, there has been "nobody special except Thea", she told the Herald.

Tracy will appear on a special RTE Christmas screening of The Restaurant on December 28, in which she competes with journalist Kevin Myers. Both have the distinction of being five-star winning contestants -- Tracy was the first ever winner of five stars on the show and Kevin was the only five-star winner in the last series.

The upcoming show is being heralded as a 'cook off' for the "champion of champions" title, where the pair will go head-to-head in the kitchens of the Wineport Lodge in Athlone.

"I loved it. I already knew Kevin. We're both strong characters. It was great fun. He's completely mad," she said.

The TV star said she likes cooking and has a good memory for ingredients. But she will not be tying on any apron on Christmas Day, and instead will be heading to the home of a friend for Christmas dinner.


"It's great. She'll be doing the whole thing. I'll hardly have any chance to cook as I'll be working on St Stephen's Day and for the days afterwards.

"I'm the only one not to put on weight over Christmas because I'm usually so busy.

"And I can't drink on Christmas Day either because I'm working the next day," she said.

Sounds almost as tough as her legendary father Lester Piggott's calorie-counting regime as a top racing jockey.

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