Tuesday 25 September 2018

Top model Roz Purcell gets asked to try out top chefs' dishes

Maitre D' John Healy and Roz Purcell calling out for diners to take part in The Restaurant
Maitre D' John Healy and Roz Purcell calling out for diners to take part in The Restaurant

Lucky lady Roz Purcell has admitted she gets asked by the country’s top chefs to try out their latest dishes all the time.

The 24-year old model has had a lot on her plate recently, completing the Tough Mudder obstacle course in Meath over the weekend and just finishing the photoshoot for her upcoming cook book.

The cook book will be available for pre-order in November and is set for release at the end of January, and the Tipperary model told the Herald her passion for food comes from dining out in the city.

“I just love food and a really big part of that is to go and try new food and different menus and tasting chef’s creations, so I suppose a lot of my research and a lot of my joy of food would have come from dining out in different restaurants,” said Roz.

Roz was speaking yesterday as TV3 has moved the location of The Restaurant from the idyllic Wineport Lodge to a new venue in Donnybrook, D4 – Marco Pierre White’s

Courtyard Bar & Grill.

A previous celebrity chef on the show, Roz was at the Courtyard Bar & Grill yesterday to help TV3 and Aldi call out for diners to take part in a brand new series of The Restaurant.

She said that she wishes she could have her time all over again.

“It’s kind of strange, because I was there at the launch, and I was thinking ‘damn, I wish I could do it again’ because I had so much fun on it last year,” she said.Roz says she gets calls all the time from top Dublin chefs to come try out their new dishes.

“It won’t be weird to be on the other side of the kitchen, because I’m very close to a lot of chefs in town, so if they have a new dish on the menu, they’re always telling me to come in and try it out,” she told the Herald.


“I’d probably eat out in a restaurant or cafe in town three or four times a week, because I’m always out and about, so sometimes I just don’t have time to run home,” she added.

The model is “full of cuts and bruises” following Saturday’s Tough Mudder event.

“I was at a launch yesterday and I was just praying nobody would look at my legs. I have so many bruises, but I feel fine,” said Roz.

Voiced by presenter Sean Moncrieff, The Restaurant will see six celebrities become head chefs over the six weeks.

It’s the 11th series of the hugely popular reality series.

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