Monday 24 June 2019

tipping the scales

embarrassing fat bodies

Channel 4, 9pm The shock-proof medics prescribe some hard-hitting home truths for people living on borrowed time due to their expanding waistlines. One man whose stomach almost touches the floor knows he hasn't long left to live unless he gets to grips with his incessant eating. The doctors don't mince their words as they lift folds of flab on patients.

tucking in

kitchen hero

RTE1, 8.30pm Tonight Donal (left) is preparing food to take on a five-mile hike through the wilds of Kerry. It all sounds fairly exotic for a rural picnic. There's white bean and chorizo soup, chilli chicken salad, all rounded off with peanut butter squares and soda bread.


america's secret killers: dispatches

Channel 4, 8pm The killing of Osama bin Laden provided a glimpse into the world of covert operations carried out by US special forces on Taliban and Al-Qaeda suspects. The Americans call it "precision targeting", but some believe it is simply assassination by another name. This six-month probe throws new light on methods used by the US in taking out dangerous men.

welfare wilderness

a job to get work: Panorama

BBC1, 8.30pm With unemployment at a record high in Ireland, our nearest neighbours are faring as badly on the jobs front. The UK government seems to be floundering under pressure to come up with new ways of getting people on social welfare back to work. Panorama visits a part of Wales where nearly half the adults are on benefits.

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