Saturday 25 November 2017

'Technical issues' delays the Nine O'Clock News for 10 minutes

Eileen Dunne
Eileen Dunne

RTE's main evening bulletin unwittingly became Not the 9 o'clock News after a technical fault meant its nine o'clock bulletin was delayed by 11 minutes.

A sound desk "crashed" minutes before going on air, causing a hasty move to another studio - and the autocue also wasn't working, forcing newsreader Eileen Dunne to read from a script on her desk.

It is understood the technical problems came to light just as the programme was going live on air.

Deputy director-general Kevin Bakhurst apologised to viewers for the mishaps.

"I'm told sound desk in news studio crashed and we had to move studios," he tweeted.

Many people on Twitter were quick to praise Dunne for her professionalism in dealing with the situation.

Barbara Scully wrote: "Right. Big round of applause. Here's Eileen Dunne now. A real trooper, she kept the show on the road despite being put under extreme pressure."

Another person wrote: "Fair play to Eileen - pretty hefty tech meltdown (no autocue, no backdrops, fixed cameras) but still getting it out."

However, others were quick to make light of a bad situation.

"Pleased to see they have finally cancelled the RTE News," tweeted John Mc- Cormack.

An RTE spokesperson told the Herald the national broadcaster "will look into what went wrong", and apologised to viewers.

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