Wednesday 17 July 2019

Super-slimmer and Botox fan at war on Come Dine With Me

ROW: Amateur chefs in fall out at low-fat meal ... with 15 bottles of wine

A sassy cosmetic nurse, a firefighter, and a mum who shed over six stone, are just some of the Dublin contestants on the first Irish series of Come Dine With Me.

And Dublin mum Eimhear O Dalaigh had great news for those battling the bulge -- diets and dinner parties do go together.

The 43-year-old nutrition expert lost a massive 6st 8lb in just 20 months and has managed to keep it off for the past five years.

She showed off her low-fat cooking skills on her night and, while she cannot reveal the details of her menu just yet, she did admit stocking up on alcohol to keep her guests entertained and pliant.


"The night before, we ran out of wine so there was loads of wine on my night," she told the Herald. "I got eight bottles of white, five of red, one bottle of champagne and one dessert wine -- just in case."

Eimhear, who lives in Ballybough, organised a Hollywood-themed night, complete with champagne butler -- her son Liam (22).

Eimhear got her svelte figure by following the Weight Watchers' method of "eating less and moving more" so it came to no surprise that she clashed with cosmetic nurse Cora Murphy (26), who supports more surgical procedures.

"We all did get on very well, and we've met up since the show, but there were a few arguments -- notably one between Cora and me," Eimhear said.

"I believe in losing weight naturally where she would encourage tummy-tucks." Bubbly blonde Cora, who is originally from Co Mayo, unashamedly admitted that she supports more artificial measures.

"I would definitely consider Botox for myself -- normally I'd say start at 28 or 29 years old as a preventative measure and so you don't end up looking like you've gone through a wind tunnel," she told the Herald.

The two girls said they were still in touch with their fellow Come Dine With Me foodies - bank office worker Johnny Cox (34), firefighter and paramedic Keith Murphy (37), and Phd student Daragh MacCousland (30) who produced the most controversial dish of the series -- pig's cheeks, with the hairs still on them. and lentils.

Dave Lamb, who narrated the original Channel 4 series, will be spicing up each episode with his witty commentary while five amateur chefs compete for a €1,000 prize. The TV3 series is scheduled to start on bank holiday Monday, at 9pm -- after the watershed as the home-grown show proved "a bit racier" than its foreign counterparts, according to Dave.

"I enjoyed it, I did prefer it," the British comedian admitted on his visit to Dublin yesterday for the launch of the programme.

"I felt that there was a warmth to the Irish version, and everybody who went on the show was really up for it. "There wasn't quite as much of the vicious backbiting that you get in the English version,. There is a little bit more swearing -- it's a bit racier."

Two episodes were shot this spring in Dublin and one each in Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.


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