Monday 20 November 2017

Staying in tonight? Here's what to watch on the box

Goedele Liekens and her Sex in Class pupils, who took a two week course Photo: Handout/Channel 4
Goedele Liekens and her Sex in Class pupils, who took a two week course Photo: Handout/Channel 4
Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin in Midnight Run

Goedele Liekens and her Sex in Class pupils, the so-bad-it's-good Flockstars, Reggie Yates goes to Siberia and a Robert De Niro classic are amongst tonight's picks

Sex in Class

Channel 4, 9pm

Not Channel 4’s sequel to The Box, but a serious (supposedly, anyway) programme about what happened when Belgian sexologist and UN Goodwill Ambassador Goedele Liekens was called in by a Lancashire school to teach its pupils about the realities of sex, as opposed to the stuff they’ve been soaking up from pornography — which has convinced a generation of teenage boys that naked women should look like plucked chickens. In Britain, rates of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are among the highest in Western

Europe. Liekens takes on a class of 15 to 16-year-olds, teaching them with the aid of some quite radical techniques. Expect much sniggering from the back of the class.




Another half-hour of celebrity sheepdog trials in what’s being called one of the worst TV series ever made. Next to face the challenge are N-Dubz singer Fazer and Birds Of A Feather actress Lesley Joseph.


Reggie Yates's Extreme Russia

BBC1, 10.35PM



The broadcaster travels to Siberia with international model scouts in search of new recruits. In the area’s capital of Novosibirsk, he explores how girls as young as five are training to join the industry by learning how to walk, pose, diet and apply make-up. He also questions how likely the hopefuls are to succeed, investigates the pitfalls of the business and finds out what lives the successful youngsters are leaving behind. Last in the series.


Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth



Part two focuses on the animals pitting themselves against the ocean, unveiling the natural forces that underpin life in the Atlantic. In the vast south Atlantic, huge pods of dolphins, massive penguin colonies and the largest gathering of marine mammals on Earth pack chains of extraordinary islands, created by powerful volcanic forces far below them. Meanwhile, the nutrient-rich upwellings create profusions of life in some areas, and the abyssal depths host a world of bizarre creatures in others. Mesmerising television, narrated by Cillian Murphy.


Movie: Midnight Run (1988)

ITV, 10.35pm

Martin Brest’s sparkling comedy-thriller stars Robert De Niro (below) as a cop-turned-bounty hunter tasked with bringing slippery, gabby accountant Charles Grodin, who’s embezzled $15m from the Mafia, back to LA. It turns out not to be the routine job he expected. It’s the film in which De Niro finally got to show his flair for comedy. There’s wonderful chemistry between him and Grodin, and Danny Elfman contributes a cracking score. A great support cast includes Yaphet Kotto, Dennis Farina and John Ashton, who appeared in Brest’s Beverly Hills Cop, as a rival bounty hunter.

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