Thursday 18 January 2018

Staying in tonight? Here's what to watch on the box

Pictured at The VIP Style Awards at The Marker Hotel last night was Michael O'Doherty helping Amanda Brunker with her hair after a Seagull 'bombed' her.
Pictured at The VIP Style Awards at The Marker Hotel last night was Michael O'Doherty helping Amanda Brunker with her hair after a Seagull 'bombed' her.

Living in the past, the VIP Style awards and cleaning up the rubbish are just some of the highlights this evening


TV3, 9PM

Footage of the awards ceremony, held at the Marker Hotel in Dublin and celebrating the best in Irish style, including a look at who gets it right on the night and who will be sacking their stylist. Among the 18 contenders vying for the coveted title of Most Stylish Woman are Xpose presenter Lisa Cannon, Late Lunch Live hostess Lucy Kennedy and Roz Purcell of Ireland’s Ultimate Debutante.




New series. Living reality documentary in which six celebrities travel back in time to the 19th century, spending four full days experiencing the relentless graft of the working poor in Victorian Britain.

Impressionist Alistair McGowan, former minister Ann Widdecombe, actress Zoe Lucker, world champion hurdler Colin Jackson, actor Tyger Drew-Honey and presenter Miquita Oliver are the volunteers, whose first 24 hours lands them in the dustyard, where they have to sift through mountains of dirt, rotting veg and old bones. Presented by Fi Glover, with historian Ruth Goodman.



RTE1, 8pm

Kerri-Ann and Decco’s romance falters owing to a burst tyre, and Debbie surprises everyone by deciding to holiday on her own. Dolores tries to cope with recovery alone, now she is adrift from Pete and her family, while Shane has some questions for Jim about the timing of Bob’s affair with his mother.



BBC2, 9pm

New series. On average, every household in the UK throws away a ton of rubbish each year, for bin wagons to collect, and this documentary follows the people who work round the clock to cope with the vast swathes of waste produced by the residents of Newcastle upon Tyne. The teams tasked with dealing with the public’s refuse are waging a war on waste, with bin men and council enforcement officers taking the fight to the people as they try to get them to throw away less and recycle more, but Christmas always pushes the industry to breaking point.



UTV, 7pm

At Kirin’s surprise party, Vanessa is stunned by a crass remark from Adam, causing her to worry more than ever that he could be the father. As Marlon arrives home with Laurel, it becomes clear he’s still denying that she’s an alcoholic despite the latest incident where she passes out and begins to choke on her own vomit. Aaron considers leaving the village for a while, but Paddy encourages him to stay and not let Robert get to him.

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