Thursday 23 November 2017

Staying in tonight? Here's what to watch on the box

Dermot Bannon hits the open road on Inishturk, while the teruth about Fat is finally revealed - all part of tonight's TV highlights


RTE 1, 7pm

ARCHITECT and TV personality Dermot Bannon explores the island of Inishturk, nine miles off the coast of Co Mayo. He begins his journey from the pier at Roonagh Quay on Ireland’s mainland as he takes a ferry to the island that is home to less than 100 residents. On arrival, he is joined by Danny O’Toole, and the pair take one of two trails to explore the sights, including the

Spirit of Place sculpture that was designed by Travis Price. The next day, Dermot meets Gerry McCloskey to explore the south of the island, beginning at Portdoon pier, which was once supposedly a secret base for pirates.



TV3, 8.30pm

DESPITE her marital problems, Angela is compelled to turn to Tommy for support to deal with the devastating conclusion of a long-standing missing persons case she had been working on with Nikki.

Meanwhile, at the station, Sharon is forced to endure an onslaught of mind games, bullying and intimidation, but it is clear she will not be able to withstand it for much longer.




PREMIERE. Vampire couple Edward and Bella enjoy a happY married life with their new daughter, but the leaders of the undead race believe the child is a threat to their entire species. The protective parents gather their allies to defend the girl in a final battle with their enemies. Conclusion of the romantic fantasy series, with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Michael Sheen



BBC1, 9pm

IT has long been believed that eating fat is unhealthy. But is it really as bad as people think?

With recent headlines casting doubts on such fears, medic Saleyha Ahsan aims to cut through the confusion. She reveals startling new research

that suggests some saturated fats might actually be good for people’s health, invites volunteers to find out what happens to their bodies and minds if they stop eating it entirely, and discovers the fat hidden in seawater that could make the food of the future a lot healthier.



UTV, 7pm

Hour-long episode. A hung-over Laurel is defensive with Doug, claiming her drink must have been spiked, and the atmosphere is tense

as Marlon arrives. Will Doug reveal all to his son-in-law? Adam leaves a voicemail for Victoria confessing to his night with Vanessa, and later

regrets his actions, but it may already be too late. Val sets out to make amends with Finn, while Priya tries to get Rishi to admit he still has

feelings for Georgia.

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