Thursday 14 December 2017

Staying in tonight? Here's what to watch on the box

Harry D and Jess in Teens
Harry D and Jess in Teens

The not-so-secret life of teenagers and the beauty of the Irish countryside are among the picks this evening.


CHANNEL 4, 10pm

CONTINUING the documentary following a group of friends over the year they turn 17. This week’s programme explores Harry’s new relationship with girlfriend Rebecca, from the awkward first meeting with her parents, to dreaded discussions about sex with his mother, and a few drunken phone calls that demonstrate the perils of young love. Plus, the story of Shauna, who puts her Christian faith before anything else in her life. However, her family and friends are far more interested in her love life - or lack of it.



RTE1, 7pm

ONCE again, Colin Stafford-Johnson takes us on an extraordinary wildlife journey of discovery that shines a light on the unique beauty of the Irish landscape as well as the diversity of the wildlife that surrounds us.

In Wicklow, he joins a unique badger study that uses all the latest technology to uncover the secrets lives of these oft-maligned creatures.



BBC1, 9pm

OFFICE gossip Kathy appears to have it all - but her picture-perfect family life hides years of a sexless marriage that has forced her to seek out an online suitor.
However, things go disastrously wrong when she witnesses a violent crime and has to decide whether to step forward with crucial evidence or protect her secret life.
Meanwhile, Beth is determined to find out more after Marianne’s shocking confession about Dave. Sally Lindsay stars



BBC2, 10pm

THE broadcaster continues to trace the footsteps of 19th-century artist and geologist George Victor Du Noyer, examining places of power as seen through his eyes. She traces the movement of power from Newgrange, Co Meath, through the Rock of Cashel, sees the Waterford Charter Roll and ends up at Castletown House in Co Kildare.



RTE2, 10.45pm

A new series in which Annie and Jake finally get engaged after six years, but her larger-than-life personality and his laid-back approach to life will severely test the theory of “opposites attract”.
They quickly realise getting engaged was the easy part. Tonight, Jake’s romantic, at-home surprise proposal goes awry.

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