Tuesday 16 January 2018

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The Tenements on TV3. Presenter Bryan Murray
The Tenements on TV3. Presenter Bryan Murray

Bryan Murray explores the rise of Dublin's tenements while Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nightmares continue in the pick of tonight's shows


TV3, 10pm

BRYAN Murray explores the rise of Dublin’s tenements with the help of archivist Catriona Crowe and historian Diarmaid Ferriter. He traces their origin to the Act of Union of 1801, looks at the appalling conditions in the slums 100 years ago and reveals that some of the worst landlords were local Catholics, not Anglo-Irish aristocrats, as is widely believed.


MORE 4, 7pm

GORDON Ramsay heads to Brooklyn to tackle a 55-year-old family business. Owner John Esposito left school at 14 and has worked at his

parents’ restaurant, Sal’s Pizzeria, ever since.

Their success meant they could afford to buy the location next door in the 1990s, naming it Mama Maria after John’s mother, who died in

2002. But when he lost his father as well, John became overwhelmed by the responsibility of running both establishments and his livelihood

is at risk.



BBC2, 8pm

THE team focus on northern New South Wales, with Neil Oliver exploring Byron Bay’s history and Tim Flannery examining the story of a record-breaking raft journey in Ballina.

In Woolgoolga, Brendan Moar investigates the historic roots of the biggest regional population of Sikhs in the country, while Alice Garner learns

about the society created by German internees during the Second World War at South West Rocks

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