Monday 20 November 2017

So that's why The Voice flashes us two fingers ...

THE Voice of Ireland's series producer has revealed how she reckons the theme tune for the new RTE show is a little off-key.

And Lynda McQuaid (right) has admitted that the series' distinctive logo does look like it's giving Irish audiences "the two fingers" when it flashes across the screen.

Some RTE viewers have complained about the music used for the programme's opening and closing credits, saying they were not impressed with it, particularly given that it's a talent show.

However, a show insider has revealed how they are tied down to certain constraints when it comes to making the show, given that it's a format they have bought in.

Producer Lynda said: "I completely agreed that the signature tune on The Voice is a little dated and naff, certainly not the kind of music I would have commissioned if I had the ability to do so, I didn't.

"Talpa, the Dutch rights holder of the format, supply us with all the key brand elements to make the show, for example the graphics, the music and an extensive production bible on how you make The Voice."

Eyebrows have also been raised by the distinctive logo used for the show, which appears to give viewers the "two fingered salute" as it moves across the screen.

Explaining its use to the Ray D'Arcy show, Lynda said the logo does in fact, give viewers the two fingers as it rotates and wipes through the frame.

"The static logo is a hand holding a microphone giving a 'V sign', the 'V' represents The Voice... I suspect the peace sign is a much more common sign in mainland europe and it does feel a little odd in a northern European production but those are the production rules," she said.

Featuring mentors Brian Kennedy, Caroline Corr, Niall Breslin and Kian Egan as mentors, the programme has hit all the right notes with Irish audiences so far.

Some 708,000 people tuned in to watch the first episode of the series last Sunday. The winner will land a coveted recording contract with Universal Music Ireland.


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