Wednesday 13 December 2017

So can Nidge survive for a fourth series?

DRAMA: Gang boss beats up pal Tommy

THERE are only two more episodes of Love/Hate -- so will there be a fourth series?

Last night, viewers of the RTE gangland drama saw Nidge beat his lieutenant Tommy to a bloody pulp.

Nidge lost the plot after Tommy told him of his latest problem -- that he had slept with RIRA leader Dano's wife Georgina and that she wanted to leave her husband after he violently confronted her over suspicions she had been cheating on him.

Unknown to Tommy, Nidge had been lusting after Georgina himself.


But, in what is now a recurring theme, Tommy's timing could have been better when he decided to tell Nidge.

Nidge and Fran had just left a commemoration ceremony and were due to meet 'inquisitor' Tony whom Dano summoned from the North in a bid to find his father Git's body. Ultimately, fans of the hit gangland series will wonder where all this will lead.

After Darren managed to pull Nidge off Tommy and get him taken to hospital in the back of the van, viewers saw how Darren begins to look at Nidge differently.

Tommy's girlfriend Siobhan, who was raped by Git, is seen crying to Darren telling him that doctors are unsure if Tommy will survive, and if he does live, he could have suffered brain damage.

Now it's looking like Tommy, who has featured in all three series, could be the next to go and Darren could follow him after turning up drunk and snorting cocaine at Dano's pub.

So is this the end for King Nidge and his gang?

If RTE gives the green light for a fourth series, we're sure the scriptwriters will rustle up something for him.

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