Thursday 14 December 2017

Simon wants new Jedward, twins reveal

SIMON COWELL has finally changed his mind about Jedward -- more than a year after they first burst onto our screens.

The X Factor chief has been mentoring this year's contestants to "be more like Jedward".

Simon it seems finally sees that the Dublin twins have something to offer, if even it's only their attitude.

"Simon Cowell's telling them to be more like us -- as in not to be boring and just be themselves," John told the Herald.

"We know exactly what the others are going through as they've been there themselves and they know how intimidating it can be."

And Jedward firmly believe that the three Irish acts in the last 12 -- Mary Byrne, Rebecca Creighton and Niall Horan -- have got what it takes to go all the way.


"These guys are so fantastic, and so talented," said Edward.

"They can go all the way and there's no need for us to worry about the competition from these new Irish stars as we know our act is totally unique."

Jedward were on hand at the weekend's X Factor to celebrate their 19th birthdays.

The Dublin twins held a party backstage with this year's contestants over the weekend.

Despite still being teenagers the pair's presence at the weekend's show, sparked mayhem amongst the new batch of stars hoping to follow in their footsteps.

"We're like their mentors this year," John said.

"We've met the other contestants and been going around giving them advice on the show.

"It's really weird watching the show this year as that was us going through all that only a year ago. We're dying to run out and just storm the stage."

The Herald helped the pair celebrate their birthday backstage at X Factor's Fountain studios in London over the weekend.


The two Dubs made sure to make an effort to say "Hi" to Ballyfermot diva Mary, as well as Dubliner Rebecca of Belle Amie, and Mullingar's Niall, who is with the hotly tipped One Direction.

Jedward reached their target of 100,000 follows on Twitter over the weekend -- and used the site to urge X Factor fans to vote for Mary after her stunning performance of Dusty Springfield's hit You Don't Have To Say You Love Me.

"Everyone vote Mary, she is awesome and she's living the dream," they wrote.

And the energetic teenagers were over the moon after receiving bags of complimentary games and consoles from the company as a birthday surprise.

"We got about 20 cakes for our fans," John revealed.


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