Thursday 18 October 2018

Shorter TV career a fact for women, admits Kate

BBC presenter Kate Humble says she will not will not protest if her career ends when she reaches a certain age -- because the absence of older women on TV is a "fact".

Several figures, including Anna Ford, Selina Scott and Joan Bakewell have criticised broadcasters on the issue, accusing them of banishing older women from the small screen.

However ex-Springwatch host Humble (43) said that she accepted that her TV career would not last indefinitely.

"TV is a fantastic job but I have never wanted it to be my life. It's also a job that you have very little control over," she said.

"It can be all or nothing. At this point I don't know how my year is going to pan out. That's exciting, frustrating and nerve-racking."

The presenter of new BBC2 series Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey told the magazine: "The types of TV I'm being asked to do, I'd be an idiot to turn down because it's wonderful stuff.

"But if I get to the stage where I'm not being offered that stuff and it's a choice of being on the telly or on the farm (in south east Wales which she now runs), the farm would win every time."


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