Tuesday 26 March 2019

Ryanair puts a halt on No Frontiers in spat with RTE over Aer Lingus

RYANAIR'S complaint against RTE's recently axed show No Frontiers has been partially upheld by the Broadcast Authority of Ireland (BAI).

Mr J Komorek, who made the complaint on behalf of Ryanair, claimed that between January and March of this year, the travel show promoted Aer Lingus "on a number of occasions" while the budget airline was "repeatedly omitted".

It was then stated that Aer Lingus advertise with the State broadcaster and Ryanair does not -- claiming that this stake gave them preferential treatment.

The carrier used one particular episode, aired on March 7 as their point of claim, stating that the show encouraged viewers to use Aer Lingus to fly to La Rochelle via Bordeaux with Aer Lingus.

However, Ryanair emphasised that they fly directly to the French destination.

And they also accused presenters Jenny Buckley and Kathryn Thomas of "repeatedly" endorsing Aer Lingus services.

RTE retorted that viewers "do their own research" for their own trips and decide what would be "the most convenient and cheapest for them based on their individual requirements".

According to the station, "RTE believes that an objective viewing of the report would lead to the conclusion that no viewer would have been misled or tricked into taking inconvenient or expensive flights or that there was bias or discrimination against Ryanair."

The BAI upheld two of the five complaints made by the airline.

The overall decision was to uphold the complaints that presenters advertised both "products and services" as well as the use of "product placement and undue prominence" in the show.

However, the claims that the reporting was "misleading", "omitted relevant information" and used "surreptitious and misleading advertising" were rejected.


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