Thursday 23 November 2017

Rachel Wyse: 'Some of the comments made about me were hurtful'

Rachel Wyse
Rachel Wyse
Rachel Wyse

Presenter Rachel Wyse has admitted she has had to grow a thick skin while working in TV to cope with hurtful comments from sports fans.

The broadcaster, who has been the face of Sky's GAA coverage for the past two years, said taking on the role was daunting, given Ireland's love for the home-grown sport.

Since landing the job, she has also had to deal with criticism, meaning she has had to toughen up as she's normally "sensitive" when it comes to negative comments.

"This sport means so much to people - it's a way of life," she told Irish Country Magazine.

"I knew when I was asked to present it there would be a big reaction to Sky covering GAA.

"I'm quite sensitive, so I'm probably working in the wrong job, but I've learned to deal with it and take the constructive points on board."

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