Monday 28 May 2018

Prodijig set to dance for stars at the IFTAs

showtime: Screen icons in for a treat from top troupe

GOT To Dance troupe Prodijig are gearing up to perform for Michael Fassbender and Chris O'Dowd at the IFTAs tonight.

Now in the final of the Sky One programme, the group are now aiming steal Michael Flatley's Irish dance crown.

Lead dancer Alan Kenefick (27), who danced alongside Michael in Celtic Tiger, told the Herald he hasn't heard a thing from the Riverdance creator since becoming a telly sensation.

"I'm sure he doesn't think we're a threat yet, but we'd like to be -- Riverdance was seen as a speciality act and we're hoping to make it modern.

"This type of dance has been associated with him for so long, I don't know how he'd feel about us coming in and trying to be the next big thing, but that's our goal."

Prodijig, a group of seven dancers, will take to the stage at Dublin's Convention Centre to entertain Ireland's biggest names during the ceremony. "It's a really proud moment for us, we can't believe it and we'll be in a state of shock meeting everyone at the aftershow party," Alan admitted.

"To be able to do this shows we're starting to make an impact on the general public and to stand in front of these kinds of celebrities will be outstanding.

"We're going to perform our audition number, that's what changed everything for us so it means a lot to us."

The rising stars are in rehearsals for the Got To Dance final on March 4 and travel back to Belfast tomorrow morning to continue training.

Alan said he and his pals have been inundated with offers for their own show.

"We do want to go down other avenues too. We want to be on TV shows and in music videos." The Cork native and choreographer divulged that the troupe have the "complete backing" from their former Riverdance colleagues and have dreams to work with the likes of Grammy winners Kanye West and Chris Brown.

"Kanye takes risks and to hear our feet as a backing track to him would be amazing," he said.


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