Saturday 20 January 2018

Poldark star Aidan Turner: Stardom's great, but I miss being an usher at the cinema in Tallaght

Aidan Turner

POLDARK star Aidan Turner has admitted that even as a teen skiving off while on duty in a Tallaght cinema he never imagined himself as an actor.

The 31-year-old actor's star is on the rise but he has revealed that he left school with no idea that he would end up on screen.

His first job as a teen was in a cinema not far from his Clondalkin home where he worked for three years.

"I loved that job. I'd just go in, clean up and check whether the film reel was projected properly," he said.

"You're meant to check for two minutes and walk back out, and I'd be 20 minutes into the movie, sitting there eating popcorn."

If anyone had ever hinted that he may one day be on the big screen himself the Hobbit star said he "would never have believed it, not a chance".

Growing up he confessed that he wasn't very academic and now he suspects he may have ADHD.

"I wasn't a bad student, I just didn't have the temperament. I got bored really easily," he said

In an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine he was amused when a journalist thought he had had a rural upbringing.

"We have horses, but it's the city," he pointed out laughing.


Last week Turner and his gorgeous other half Sarah Greene set the rumour mill spinning when reports emerged that the couple were set to wed.

Sarah (29) denied the engagement speculation and was spotted in Dublin minus a sparkling ring that many were expecting.

However, Turner opened up about their relationship in his latest interview.

In the beginning the pair were forced to date long distance as he worked on the set of The Hobbit in New Zealand.

"You meet someone, you fall in love, then you can only see them over Skype of phone calls or texts and emails," he explained.

"You have this whole other side to your relationship and it was fun. We knew if we could do that we could tackle a lot more."


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