Sunday 21 January 2018

Outrage as Britain's Got Talent winner 'used stunt dog double' to walk the tightrope

Britain's Got Talent hosts Ant and Dec with Jules Dwyer and Mattise
Britain's Got Talent hosts Ant and Dec with Jules Dwyer and Mattise

The winner of Britain's Got Talent has revealed that her beloved dog Matisse did not walk the tightrope on the show - despite viewers thinking that he had.

Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse beat Welsh choir Cor Glanaethwy and magician Jamie Raven to the £250,000 (€348,000) prize.

However, this morning, O'Dwyer admitted that it was another dog - Chase - who walked the tightrope because Matisse is not keen on heights.

The sketch featured O'Dwyer dressed as a policewoman and going after Matisse, who had stolen sausages from a butcher. Viewers saw Matisse emerge back on to the stage after he appeared to have walked along parallel ropes, but it turned out that a second collie had performed that part of the stunt.

However, many viewers were unimpressed by the confession on ITV's Lorraine show.

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"How can BGT allow a stunt double for the dog and try to hide it, shouldn't be allowed to be the winner!" Rachel Louise wrote.

Vicky Simpson added: "Matisse had a stunt double the viewers didn't know about when they voted last night. BGT tricked viewers and are wrong not to inform them."

"I've just been informed that Matisse had a stunt double doing the tightrope walk. Absolutely fuming. I voted for that dog!!!!" Niamh Skinner said.

It came as ITV released voting figures which showed O'Dwyer and Matisse won by just two per cent - getting 22.6pc of votes compared to 20.4pc for magician Raven.

Meanwhile, broadcasting watchdog Ofcom received 90 complaints about the judges' clothing after Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon wore low-cut dresses.

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