Wednesday 13 December 2017

Our survey said ... play it again -- as TV3 consider re-run of botched episode

TV3 is considering re-recording the botched Family Fortunes game.

The show, which is due to be officially launched today, has already found itself in the middle of controversy. One family walked off the show after the word 'knee' was listed on the big screen as the correct answer to the question "name a body part beginning with 'n'."

And it's understood that a complaint has been lodged with the production company Sideline and TV3.

A representative for TV3 said that the station was currently deciding on the correct course of action.

"We are aware of the issue and we are looking into re-recording the show," a spokewoman for TV3 told the Herald.

"Nothing is confirmed yet, but we are investigating this possibility."

Sideline Productions were commissioned by TV3 to produce an Irish version of the popular game show, with auditions taking place throughout November, December and January.

The disagreement emerged during the 'Double Your Money' round of the show.

One family were tasked with listing four body parts beginning with the letter 'n'. They managed to name 'nose, nipple and nail' but were stumped for the final answer.

'Neck' was not deemed to be one of the top answers in a survey of 100 people.

And when the question transferred to the other team, 'nervous system' was turned down by the game.

However, when show's presenter Alan Hughes asked to reveal the answer which would have been accepted, 'knee' turned up on the screen.

The audience started booing and furious contestants walked off the show.

The other family, who were in line to win this section of the show, even asked for a new game to be played.

But producers are understood to have dismissed this suggestion and said 'Sure Irish people love a bit of craic', according to a source.

After filming, certain contestants contacted the show producers, telling them under no circumstances to air it.

"They were told that they were under contract and the show would be aired," the source added.

However, since then talks have continued between all parties and its understood that an agreement is close to being reached.


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