Monday 11 December 2017

Operation Transformation star: 'I lost weight and gave up cigarettes to pursue dream of being a mum'

Louise Ormsby
Louise Ormsby

A Dublin woman who lost more than two stone is pursuing her dream of becoming a mum, thanks to Operation Transformation.

Last year, Louise Ormsby was told she couldn't have fertility treatment until she lost weight and quit smoking. Now she is undergoing fertility treatments - and is feeling better than ever.

"The first few weeks after the show finished I wondered if I'd go back to the way I was when no one was watching me, but then I decided I needed to keep this up because I didn't want to go back to the way I was," she told the Herald.

"I just kept going. I'm in a running club now and I go to a gym where we do boot camp three times a week.

"My husband, Will, has also started football training and I can't believe the change in us.

"This time last year we would have spent our evenings in front of the TV eating junk, but now I'm out running or at the gym," she added.

When she applied to do the show, Louise weighed 14st 7lbs but is now down to 12st 1lb and said her confidence had received a massive boost.

"I gave up cigarettes as well when I was on the show," she said. "Normally, people say they put on weight when they quit - but I tried to do it all at once. I'm a shopaholic now that I'm not smoking - I reward myself with clothes. My body shape has changed thanks to all the working out. I'm feeling a lot better, I'm a lot more confident and my skin is better.


"I'm eating healthily, but I have a few drinks at the weekend and when we go on holiday - but the change from last year is unreal.

"I was eating a baguette and crisps at lunch every day, but now I'm really good," she added.

The 35-year-old is happier and healthier and hopes this will help her to get pregnant.

"This time last year I went to the clinic and they told me I was too overweight and I was a smoker so I wasn't an ideal candidate," she said. "They told me to come back once I'd lost weight and quit the cigarettes. I went back in March and the same doctor took me on.

"I'm on fertility treatment at the moment and my doctor is very confident it will happen, so I'm definitely on the right road.

"I've a new positive outlook now and things are looking up," she added.

Operation Transformation is looking for new leaders for the ninth series. For more info, visit www.rte.ie/ot/.

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